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In this 8- part course, world renowned author, teacher and philosopher Ken Wilber will guide you through the five essential truths of your full potential. 

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What Graduates Are Saying about the Science of Self Actualization

"Thank you Ken so much for putting out their all this amazing information in a way that we can all understand and learn from it. I am now thinking of who I could pass this on to so that I would have people to talk with about it all. Again thank you so much and all of you that have helped put it together."
~Angela Kininmonth

"Thank you so much for your wonderful course which dealt with the reality of Oneness.As you said having a group of people having had the training or having like minded people around us is essential for our development in self actualization.if you have any list of participants who are nearer to each other,we can start with the conversation with them please help us in the initial stage."
~Sundararaj Pappu

"Human beings are inherently social creatures, but isolation occurs when one begins to move beyond the dominant belief systems of your local culture/community--whatever that is. Sometimes that belief system is that I am in the 'superior category of human beings because.... Sometimes that belief system is that 'I am a victim, and at the mercy of circumstances beyond my control.' The process of self-actualization is a solitary journey (you can't do it for someone else), but you don't have to do it alone. Ken and Ryan, thank you for this excellent introductory course that explains so much. I agree, it is crtical to be part of a group of men and women who are choosing to undertake this journey. I encourage anyone interested in authentic self-development to consider taking this free 8 part course that takes about 2 1/2 hours. Lots of insights and hope emerges. It is worth your time!"
~Marguerite Callaway

"Wonderful Course! The segment about "Groups" and their impact on our lives was most informative. I was involved in
a "group" for over 4 years, the situation became overbearing. I was insulted, berated and my "creative ideas" were not welcomed.
In fact I was publically humiliated. I always felt like an "outsider" because I could not adhere to the ridgid, inflexable,
Institutional rules & regulations. Eventually, I found the courage to disassociate myself from that group. I have since aligned myself with a beautiful group of like minded women who are supportive, and we seek to improve our "life-condition" and encourage other women as well to never stop exploring and reinventing their lives!"

~Carol Sterling

"Thanks for the course. I loved the moments with you. Going inward is the answer to everything..Renewed effectiveness. World needs more self-actualised people.I love that! I am also growing into it more and more with Sudharshan Kriya and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation. i feel I am more intuitve these days."
~Vindhya Singh

"Thank you both for a highly enlightening and rewarding free course. I am so glad I made time for this. Like most people, I am very challenged time-wise. I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to comment and share their thoughts. I learned much from all of you. 
~Kathy Strong