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What Students Are Saying

“I feel extremely privileged to be introduced by the very master to your theory of Self actualization. I was experiencing a new dimension when I first got your book from a friend “a brief history of everything” back in 2010. The way you bring forward your knowledge and theory was very clear in this course, and I felt energized after each lesson. You are an incredible master and I am very grateful for getting bits and bites of your theory from the master himself”

~ Katrin A

“Ken, I thank you for helping many to walk the path to self actualization. I can see that for those who expended their perceptions can plug in to this course. For those who has heightened their consciousness can hear your words to fullest. I feel that Something very important is in the horizon for me. It is my wish and the blessings that the whole of humanity may actualize!”

~ Pinar A

“Gratitude to you Ken. I have loved your work since reading ‘A Brief History or Everything’ which is still in my bookshelf after 30years. Your light shines brightly on this world of relative reality. Thank You so much for your great gift to humanity and to the cosmos itself.”

~ Margie S

“I started reading and loving Ken’s work in the 1980’s. I appreciate the affirmation of the importance of this unique time. Good to confirm that it is not easy to share our interest in this shift or expansion of thought. Ken is a great model of one who has endured though his life and still shares interest about seeking deeper meaning of all things. Ken is special and is here now to help all of us. The section of connecting with like thinkers is great as are other thought leaders reinforcing these ideas. The comment section is great. I love Ken’s deep thinking and energy to communicate to all. Ken is special.”

~ Bill S

“What I would give to have two hours with you! It would be a dream come true to be able to talk to you and ask you questions one to one. You are amazing and just inspire me to keep “developing.” I have ordered most of your books and will continue to learn what you have to share. THANK YOU.”

~Pam P

“Yahooooo…thank U most kindly for sharing your knowledge. It was funny; I had asked the universe to direct me via an e-mail and I got this course immediately after!!!! I love it, as a few years back I was mentally told that we all are “waking up”! Can’t wait for us all to be more kinder and aware! Much love and success to us all.”

~ Mary


Promotional Email Copy

SUB 1 : ‘Teacher of teachers’ Ken Wilber, teaches the Science of Self-Actualization

SUB2 : A Teacher In A League of His Own: Ken WIlber

Dear NAME ,

In my decades of work in personal transformation, I’ve had the great privilege to meet and work with many of the world’s most remarkable luminaries. People pushing the boundaries of potential, leadership, and achievement.

But today, I want to introduce you to one man who is truly in a league of his own.

His name is Ken Wilber, and, although he doesn’t spend much time in the limelight, he is probably one of the most influential thought leaders alive today. He is probably the world’s most well renowned living Philosopher.

I’m not the only one who holds Ken in such high regard.

In fact, many of the world’s most respected thought leaders and luminaries stand with me in this assessment.

Ken has been called “The Einstein of Consciousness” and been hailed by world leaders, changemakers and visionaries.

Marianne Williamson calls Ken “The teacher of teachers.” She asks, “Who among us can be serious about the work of transformation without understanding his remarkable work?”

Whole Foods founder and C.E.O, John Mackey has said, Ken’s ideas have “transformed” his life and “therefore have transformed Whole Foods Market.”

Bill Clinton has praised his work as “brilliant.”

And he’s personally influenced my thinking. His brilliant cuts right through it all and integrates so much.

Ken is an intellectual titan who’s thinking will live in the pages of history.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I’m writing today to let you know about a rare opportunity to learn directly from Ken in a 8-Part online training he’s offering this week at no charge.

His new course is called “The Science of Self-Actualization: The 5 Essential Truths of Your Full Potential” and you can enroll at no cost until this week.

In this powerful online training, Ken shows us what the research into human development reveals about how we can cultivate and ultimately actualize the highest reaches of our potentials.

If you’re interested in illuminating the full spectrum of your highest human potentials, I strongly encourage you to reserve your space here: The Science of Self-Actualization with Ken Wilber.

One essential difference between Ken’s work and that of many other teachers is that while most show their students a particular path, Ken’s shows you a complete map—a comprehensive map that embraces and includes all paths, Eastern and Western, ancient and modern.

You may have heard the metaphor that there are many paths up the mountain, yet they all take you to the same summit.

In some way, most teachers act as a guide, helping seekers to navigate the slippery slopes of these mountain paths to reach the elusive summit of our highest potential.

Ken, on the other hand, is a cartographer of this mountain, a master map-maker of our psychological and spiritual evolution.

His work illuminates the complete map of our inner terrain, while also skillfully guiding us past the pitfalls, to the most effective paths for us to reach the summit of our highest self.

This is why he is in a league of his own.

And that’s why I agree with Marianne that Ken Wilber’s wisdom is vital for any seeker who wants to ascend to their highest potential.

While I do love and support a great many luminaries, there is no one that I am more proud to recommend than Ken.

If you’ve never had a chance to listen to Ken’s extraordinary teachings, I encourage you to learn more about his upcoming complimentary online 8-part training at the link below:

The Science of Self Actualization with Ken Wilber

This work may very well change your life, so I hope you can join him online for this powerful new course offered at no charge.

To your highest potentials,