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What Graduates Are Saying about Ken Wilber's 10-Week Actualize OS Training

“I just wanted to say I think this course has been utterly life changing and amazing. I have never experienced profound change like this before in anything I have done. Thank you from the bottom my heart to you all."
~Nichola Graham

"I loved the course, thank you very much! It continues to reverberate within me. I’m also back in a regular meditation practice and feel altogether more empowered and hopeful, even with all the sometimes seemingly crazy unfoldings on the world stage."
~Dominique Velerde

“This course is literally transforming my life as we speak. I know that things will not be the same again after this… In a really great way. This material is so rich and vibrant that I will be returning to it again and again for some time to come… Ken, you have no idea the impact you are having on the world with your teaching.”
~Mark McGrath

“I absolutely loved every moment of the course! I feel absolutely blessed and full of gratitude… Taking this course is one of the best experiences in my life aside from becoming a Mom and getting married. SHOS is the most incredible work I have ever seen and I will dedicate the rest of my life to learning & teaching it!”
~Julie Lynch

“Simply amazing. Really, there are no words. Ken covered everything and took us everywhere. I think I really get it now. The course was perfect laid out just like it was. I am so happy to be part of this ongoing community.”
~John Close

"No other product package or learning that I’m aware of comes close to the experience I had in this course. The huge transcendental leap in consciousness that I made during the broadcasts was so incredibly loving, beautiful and profound, the importance of which, is a step towards achieving the enlightenment we all seek.”
~Bertram Hoddinott